The Almighty Father will Deliver You

I just want to share a testimony that I feel Elohim has put on my heart to share. It’s been some time and when you’ve been living with an answered prayer it’s sometimes easy to forget what all you went through and how you overcame that through God’s grace. I am thankful that I have found this site today to share God’s blessing in my life.

The Beginning

To begin, I was never a straight A student in HS. Mainly a few A’s, lots of B’s, and a C every once in awhile. Additionally, my family had financial issues, so the option of my parents paying for my college tuition or even half of it was out of the question. In fact, my father thought it would be best if I worked the first year straight out of HS. I refused to let that happen. I knew that regardless of not having any scholarships, a somewhat low ACT score, and no money, I could do this if I set my mind to it. The first two years I went to college in my hometown to save money and got my basic classes. I took out FASFA from the very beginning. I remember the nervousness I felt of borrowing money due to fear of the unknown. What if I failed college? How could I pay off all that debt? The fear got even worse surprisingly the farther I went in school. What if the classes keep getting harder? What if I don’t get into graduate school? I already owe X amount of money. Little did I know, the Lord was with me every step of the way. My grades had never been that great in HS, but starting college the motivation to succeed and numerous prayers before big exams helped me to achieve A’s in a majority of my classes (even classes that were my weak areas such as College Algebra and Statistics). I never had a tutor in any of this, I just had faith and put my faith to action. I knew when to say no to going out and enjoying the college scene so I could get my studies done, but also when to relax and take a break from studying too hard. I prayed numerous times throughout my college years that the Lord would lead me to this career I dreamed of working to help others. I asked him that if he would lead me through my schooling, I would do my best to lead others through him in my career.

The Test

By my senior year of college, the devil did his best to lead me into thinking all hope was gone. I applied to two different graduate programs and failed at getting into either one due to my scores on the GRE. With my career, you had  to get your masters to do what you wanted to do. There I was, opening up rejection letter and my fear coming true with all this debt. I could have believed that the Lord was no longer there, didn’t care, or simply didn’t exist, but the Lord reminded me that he too had been rejected by others and this still small voice kept telling me that there was still hope or at least that everything would turn out according to his plan. I was relieved to finally be back at home, but I knew I would have to find work immediately to pay off my debt. I ended up finding a job, but I set my mind to always improving my score so that I could go back and work the degree that I planned on getting from the very start.

God’s timing, not mine. 

The year I was working back home I was making a good amount of money and able to save up to buy vehicle. The Lord blessed me quite a lot during this time; however, he didn’t want me to get comfortable. You see, when the Lord wants to bless his children, he truly wants to bless his children. That year I was working was the worst year of my life. I had numerous conflicts at work and it just wasn’t looking like I could stay in that environment. My health was bad and I had awful anxiety due to it. The people I worked with were just not the best people to work with or for at the time. I knew I had to get out, so I stuck to my plan of going back to grad school and began trying to improve my scores. I got back in touch with old professors to let them know I would be reapplying and I did my best to just put my faith in the Lord that he would help me pass this exam. I can’t remember how many times I took that exam more than once, but I stayed persistent. I applied that winter with a score that was low but enough to get my into the program, this time though, I didn’t worry about getting in to the program and had faith that it would happen. The Lord had a plan and he delivered on the day I received my acceptance letter!! I was going back to get the degree I wanted all along!!


I ended up going back for  year to get my graduate degree, took out more loans, and made all A’s. I took the national exam with great anxiety of failing once again on a big test, but this time I was reminded in a church service not to worry. I prayed and asked others to pray for me (which is very important) don’t go through your prayer journey alone if you can help it. I fell to my knees on the day I received the passing score to practice in the field that I wanted all along. I cried out to the Lord thank you multiple times. God truly is so good!!


I am not working in my dream career today in a different environment with people who are friendly and supportive. I have been blessed to be able to afford a new home and vehicle (which yes are nice but not what it’s important to this testimony). What is important is that you see that the Lord will truly deliver you out of difficult situations if you always follow him and come to him and give it over to him. If I wouldn’t have gone through all that I did to get the degree that I have now, I wouldn’t be sharing this testimony at all. Those hardships were to bring the glory of God to show that he CAN and WILL deliver you out of your hardships. So no matter what it is you’re going through in life (taking test, failed relationships, financial difficulties, addiction, etc.) Just give it to God and he will take control, not in your time, but HIS. Don’t be surprised also when he finally calls you to share YOUR testimony of an answered prayer because someone out there will one day be lost like you and I and need to be given hope that he hears us and will deliver us.

God bless.


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